Management Services







• Master and concept planning

• Feasibility preparation, investigation analysis and reporting

• Commercial viability

• Due diligence and site investigation

• Site procurement and acquisition

• Concept design and permits

• Commercial assessment and Market analysis

• Finance or investment analysis

• Sales and marketing

• Lease negotiation Settlement management





•Budget and cost management reporting

•Consultant selection and management

•Green Star and NABER management Design management

•Program establishment, monitoring and reporting

•Contractor selection, tender and procurement •Contract administration

•Project delivery and completion

•Authority approval

•Handover settlement, contract completion and/or compliance.






•Extension of the project management service

•Manage works on site and engage contractors directly on behalf of the client












The key to a successful project is the effective development and ongoing management of proj- ect stakeholders to achieve the Principal’s Project Requirements and Objectives. The development of the ‘Principal’s Project Requirements’ and the ‘Project Management Plan’ in detail enables all parties to be aware of the objectives and the risk items.




Successful time management and project planning involves the preparation of well thought out and considered realistic time frames. Mushan Project Management prepares and reviews such programmes drawing on extensive collective experience from similar projects. As part of the comprehensive building contract evaluation process, Mushan Project  Management would analyse the contract programme, interrogating the duration, sequence, logic and construction methodology identified in the programme. Should the project works programme show signs of trending away from the accepted pro- gramme, Mushan Project Management, again through experience, is well equipped to offer sound advice on possible methods to bring the project back on time.




The process of ensuring that a project is delivered within budget commences in the initial project briefing stage, but continues through all stages and phases of delivery. Mushan Project Management has a wealth of practical hands on knowledge and  experience, which will be used to scrutinize, manage and deliver a favourable budget outcome. If  engaged, Mushan Project Management will undertake a thorough and methodical review of all design documentation developed to date, and will identify areas and items that require further  definition and detail. Mushan Project Management’s review would also include buildability  options, proposed construction methodology, material selection, staging and separable portions.




Mushan Project Management will ensure that the Contractor(s) delivers the works to the high- est standards and in strict accordance with the construction documentation. This process will  commence, as mentioned previously, with a thorough and comprehensive review of all  construction documents which will identify areas where further definition and detail is required. Removing as many vague aspects or discrepancies from the documents will reduce the risk of the Contractor delivering a product that is not in accordance with the project objectives.




The systematic and timely provision of information during the delivery phase is an essential  ingredient towards ensuring that all parties remain faithful to the project’s objective on time, within budget, to the highest standards and without incident or injury.