About architecture

Mushan Architects specialise in architecture, town planning and interior design, supplying workable, intelligent, and innovative design outcomes to meet client expectations. Our project portfolio features a variety of architecture across Australia and China, featuring luxury homes, townhouses, apartment complexes and commercial buildings. Our design philosophy encompasses creativity, flexibility, and sustainability; and our architectural vision and experience provides a conduit for our client’s ideas to become a reality. Our stellar reputation is borne from extensive industry experience, as we collaborate with developers at the local, inter-state, and international level. Mushan Architects believe an exceptional design exudes integrity, intelligence, and innovation, and this in turn attracts success and satisfaction for our clients and stakeholders.


Effie, a registered architect, is the dynamic leader of Mushan Architects. Her extensive qualifications include a Bachelor of Architectural Design with Honours, and a Master of Architecture, each obtained from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Effie’s passion for design aesthetics combined with her architectural experience makes her a cornerstone of Mushan Architects high-quality design values. Architecturally, Effie draws upon her love for fashion design, an inherently unique and vibrant approach, which produces innovative design outcomes that elevate Mushan Architects projects to a truly inspired level. As the co-founder of Mushan Architects, she is well-rounded in every aspect of the business, and is engaged throughout every project’s lifespan and delivery process. From the initial concept design through to the final contract administration Effie ensures the satisfactory outcome of all Mushan Architects’ projects.
Sheng is a key part of the project architectural team within Mushan Architects. His passion for design along with his enthusiastic approach allows him to work closely with clients to seek out unique design opportunities that not only achieve an exquisite architectural form but also meets a high level of building functionality. With over 15 years of local experience Sheng has acquired vast amount of experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects in both public and private sectors.
Dan brings to Mushan Architects a vast resource of knowledge and experience, with over 10 years local experience and over 20 years international experience from Canada and New Zealand. He is a key team member and enjoys finding the optimum solution to design and construction details.

By maintaining a keen interest and proper attitude, Dan believes these are essential elements for a friendly work environment and only contributes towards successful project delivery.
As an integral member of Mushan Architects Zoran is a registered architect who brings vast experience throughout the Architectural process, notably in design development and project delivery, his 13 plus years of experience in Architecture is a mixture of residential & commercial based projects featuring strong outcomes in Planning, Documentation & Contract Administration.

A dedicated professional, Zoran has a strong enthusiasm for problem solving and detail focused solutions, coupled with a passion for design & design integrity, he brings an attitude to the team that promotes an emphasis on quality design outcomes.