Architecture Services


Our Services:


Residential / Commercial Architectural Design Service:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Schematic Design
  • Town Planning Application
  • Building Permit Application
  • Construction Documentation
  • Contract Administration


Commercial Fitout Design Service: 

  • Retail Design
  • Office Design
  • Restaurant Design


Custom Luxury House 


Our custom luxury house sector is a bespoke service tailored to client’s unique vision and needs. Aspired to create one-of-a-kind design and premium project outcome, Mushan Architects aims to fully understand our clients’ need, and to provide the design solution that is specifically catered to their aesthetics and lifestyle. Our well-qualified architects possess the strong design sensibilities and extensive industry experiences to realise every aspect of the client’s dream house. Our commitment is an end to end service that ensures a positive progression throughout the project and the satisfactory delivery of the client’s tailor-made luxury house.


Small Scale Development 


Small scale development is our primary sector. With the extensive experience acquired through a number of successful developments, Mushan Architects is more than capable to administrate every stage of a project, from town planning, construction documentation to contract administra­tion. We have well-established working relationship with planning authorities, consultants and contractors which eliminates many potential risks well prior to the project commencement. Our creative yet sensible design approach ensures projects deliver on time and maximise the profit margin to further benefit our valued clients.


Multi-Residential Development 


Our endeavour in multi-residential developments have been successful and inspiring. The invalu­able experience gained through large scale projects has further established our presence in the Melbourne building industry and further showcased our capabilities in taking upon large scale developments. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and inspired designs that site locally, construct locally and live locally. We design not only the building, but also the community, a lively and creative lifestyle, that keeps up with Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city.


Commercial Fit out 


With a keen commercial sensibility, Mushan architects provides commercial fit-out services that maximise the impact of the commercial space. Our design approach not only deals with the commercial space itself, but also keeps in mind the potential growth of the business. Working together with the clients, our team is able to create branding concepts that could translate beyond the confinement of a shop space. Our good working relationship with shop fitters and contractors can further benefit the construction stage which would ensure the economically value of the commercial project.